Votive church gabled

Αναθηματικό αετωματώδεςναΰδριον, αποκεκρουσμένο ελαφρώς δεξιά(απόκρουσις νέα). Εσωτερικώς κενό. Διαμορφώνεται εις την βάσιν είδος κρηπίδος και εις τα αετώματα ακρωτήρια.

Αρχαϊκοί χρόνοι

Καβάλα/ ΙερόΠαρθένου


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Ίδρυμα προσφοράς

Μέρος Συλλογής
Συλλογή «Νέαπολις»

The Fortress of Kavala is one of the few monuments in Greece operated by a Municipal Enterprise. DIMOFELIA is responsible for management, operation and promotion, and in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala - Thasos and the Municipality of Kavala implements related projects and interventions. The Fortress, also known as the Acropolis of Kavala, receives each year tens of thousands of visitors and is a symbol and a landmark for the city of Kavala through the centuries.
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Public Benefit Organisation of the City of Kavala
Tourist Information Centre
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